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Print Printer-friendly version is a health information website written by pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and pharmacy and medical students. As the name suggests the aim of the website is to provide quality information on minor ailments, as well as other health and pharmacy related subjects.

Working in community pharmacy we recognize that there is great interest amongst the general public for better understanding of minor illnesses and available over the counter treatments. We also realize, that being a busy and a rather public place, the pharmacy is sometimes not the ideal place to discuss such matters, especially not in greater depth or when issues are of a more private nature.

Also, with the ever more aggressive advertising on the television, in magazines, newspapers and on the internet, we are faced with an ever increasing numbers of new products, treatments, services, etc. By harnessing the power of internet technologies, we hope to create a community of healthcare professionals and interested internet users, that will provide an up to date, high quality database of health related news, products, treatments and services. Very importantly this will include user feed-back and serve as a platform for opinion exchange, thus providing an objective and comprehensive source of high quality health information.

As the old saying goes "Your Health Is Your Wealth". To that end our goal is to educate and inform on a wide variety of health issues, promote healthy living, good products and services and expose the ever more common health scams.