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RTE Reports on the Possible Link Between the Pandemrix Vaccine and Narcolepsy in Ireland

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Last night RTE aired their report into the possible link between the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine Pandemrix and narcolepsy, a debilitating sleep disorder.

Patients who suffer from narcolepsy experience excessive daytime sleepiness and difficulty staying awake. Another common feature of the disease is cataplexy, a sudden muscular weakness often brought on by strong emotions, and vivid hallucinations, sometimes even after waking.

The HSE has so far received reports of 29 new narcolepsy incidents in children and adolescents, that may be linked to the Pandemrix vaccine.

There have been similar reports coming out of other countries in particular Sweden and Finland, however no increase in narcolepsy was reported for instance in Canada.

China on the other hand, has seen a significant rise in narcolepsy cases, despite not using the GSK manufactured Pandemrix vaccine, during the 2009/2010 winter flu season.

A group of Irish parents who are concerned about the link between the Pandemrix vaccine and narcolepsy in their children have launched a new support group SOUND (Sufferers of Unique Narcolepsy Disorder), which is made up of the families and friends of children who have been diagnosed with this disorder. You can get in touch with SOUND by emailing

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